We provide electrical & security services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings in the Niagara Region.

 As premier electricians in the Niagara Region, the Keener Team is deeply committed to serving this community. Each day, we come together with a shared mission to empower Niagara residents to ‘Live Better Electrically.’ Our comprehensive range of services includes residential, commercial, and industrial solutions, spanning from new construction and ongoing electrical system maintenance to security system installations, EV charging stations, and solar panel setups.

With a track record of excellence showcased in our client reviews, we eagerly embrace projects of all sizes across the Niagara Region. Renowned in St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and Hamilton, our consistent five-star ratings testify to our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional work and ensuring customer satisfaction.

as a family-owned business,

our dedicated team of local electricians is committed to providing accurate estimates, expert advice, and top-notch service to our community.

  We take pride in employing licensed, insured, and experienced electricians who uphold the highest standards of professionalism. Safety is paramount to us as caring members of this community, and we adhere strictly to all safety protocols and procedures to ensure the well-being of everyone involved.

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We provide a wide array of residential electrical services tailored to meet your needs, including indoor and exterior lighting solutions, wiring and panel upgrades, generator installation, EV charging station setup, and more. Whatever your home electrical requirements may be, we’re here to deliver reliable and efficient solutions.

commercial electrical services

We are here to support businesses throughout the Niagara Region and surrounding areas with a comprehensive range of electrical services, whether it’s for small-scale tasks or large-scale projects. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle emergency repairs, new installations, ongoing maintenance, and safety audits to ensure the smooth operation and security of your business.

industrial installations

Our expertise in the industrial sector distinguishes us from other electrical companies in the Niagara Region, reaching as far as the Peel area. Whether your facility requires repairs, renovations, or new installations, the Keener Team is fully dedicated to delivering exceptional service and ensuring the success of your project.

Solar panels

 By investing in a solar panel installation for your home or office, you can significantly reduce electric utility bills. Request an expert consultation from a Keener technician to explore the advantages of renewable solar energy, including information on solar panel upgrades, repairs, maintenance, optimal placement, and personalized consultations tailored to your specific needs.

security systems


Our security and surveillance services offer more than just an alarm system. Experience peace of mind with live updates from your monitoring system and automated dispatching of first responders. With smartphone integration programmed into your security system, you can remotely control access and receive alerts about significant environmental changes within your home. This is what it means to ‘Live better…Live Connected’.

total home automation


Experience seamless integration across your entire home with our alarm system. Unlock the full potential of your living spaces effortlessly from your computer, smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet. Through comprehensive home automation, your alarm system can synchronize with your thermostat, lights, locks, garage doors, and appliances for a harmonious living experience.

EV charging stations

Have you recently purchased a new electrical vehicle? Contact Keener Electric to book an installation for your home EV Charging station.  Keener only installs approved products and follows all necessary steps, as required by the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Whether you need a simple install, or to also upgrade your service, call Keener Electric for a free quote!


We install chargers that work with all makes and models including: Tesla, Volkswagen, Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, Kia, Toyota, Honda, and more!


Keener Electric Inc. proudly presents Watts Lighting Systems, your gateway to advanced exterior lighting control without the hassle. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can effortlessly schedule and customize the lighting of your home or business using a handheld device, eliminating the need for precarious ladder climbs.

Our permanent lighting solution is not only convenient but also durable. Built to withstand the elements, including pressure washing, our waterproof system ensures longevity and reliability.

But what truly sets Watts Lighting Systems apart is its versatility. With over 1.6 million color options, along with a plethora of themes and animations, you have endless possibilities at your fingertips. Whether you’re showing support for your favorite sports team or coordinating with the changing seasons, you’ll find the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

And the best part? You’re not confined to your property to control your lights. With an internet connection, you can access and adjust your lighting system from anywhere in the world, giving you unparalleled freedom and convenience.

Ready to experience the future of exterior lighting? Visit the Watts website today and explore the demo Watts Lights- Permanent Christmas & Landscape Lighting  your world with Watts Lighting Systems from Keener Electric Inc.!






Lighting Retrofit

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Jamie, Tyler and Joel were absolutely incredible, I needed the work done immediately not only did they get it done way faster than I anticipated they were affordable, knowledgeable, efficient and they answered every ridiculous question I had (with a smile) highly recommend this company to everyone
Ashley from Niagara Falls


Keener Group Inc. has continued to provide quality service to their customers. Our knowledgeable team works tirelessly to deliver expert friendly service and 100% customer satisfaction.