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Our St. Catharines & Niagara Security Services include security systems, video surveillance, 24/7 monitoring, smartphone integrations, and home automation.

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Keener Electric Inc. provides peace of mind with professionally installed and programmed intrusion alarm systems, video surveillance, and integration solutions. We offer state-of-the-art security and surveillance tools to fit the needs of your home or business. Our security systems provide 24/7 monitoring by a U.L.C. monitoring center.  If you have an existing alarm system or security cameras, we can activate and upgrade your current system by integrating new monitoring, additional sensors, and updated keypads. 

Discover what it means To Live Better…Live Connected.

A Few Basic Security and Surveillance Features Include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Sump Pump Failure Notification
  • Flood Detection
  • Low Temperature Detection
  • Fire and High Heat Detection
  • Carbon Monoxide Leak Detection

With smartphone integration programmed into your security system you can control your alarm system remotely. You also identify who is arming and disarming the alarm, receive low battery warnings, easily add or remove user codes, lock and unlock Z Wave deadbolts, and be informed of hydro or power loss.


In addition to monitoring your property and dispatching first responders, your alarm system can be a whole-home integration solution. Beyond simply installing security cameras, Niagara Falls and the surrounding areas can ‘Live better… Live connected’ through remote access with smartphone integration. You can stay informed of your systems and services from anywhere, control your home, and maximize the efficiency of your living spaces through your computer, smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet. With total home automation, your alarm system, thermostat, lights, locks, doors and appliances have the potential to work together in harmony.

Benefits of Total Home Automation include:

  • Alarm system controls.
  • Instant alerts when an alarm is triggered.
  • Lighting controls and timers.
  • Ability to set schedules to maximize your energy savings with climate control.
  • Door control including your garage doors.
  • Status updates of locks and other security measures.
  • Access to security camera feed and doorbell video.
  • Pool monitoring for sanitation, PH levels, cleaning, and filtration.

As providers of alarm system installations, we stand behind our work with a comprehensive two-year workmanship guarantee, backed by support from our local office. Our team consists of skilled electricians sourced from Niagara and its surrounding areas, ensuring that expertise is always within reach whenever needed for your peace of mind and security.

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Security systems

We are here to build your home security system to fit your needs. Through a wide range of products that provide full-circle protection, your home, business and loved ones will be safe with us.

We also have options for upgrading your existing system!

Systems with ULC approved monitoring can qualify for home insurance discounts with most insurance providers.

  • Total Home Integration
  • Professionally installed systems
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Sump pump failure
  • Flood detection
  • Low temperature detection
  • Fire and high heat detection
  • Carbon monoxide detection

Video surveillance

  • Smart phone access to footage
  • Day or night viewing
  • High Resolution cameras
  • Indoor/Outdoor weather proof cameras
  • Ability to store footage on a local drive

Protect your home or business with video surveillance. 

Get the convenience of remote access viewing from your smart device or PC. Remotely access recorded video footage by date, time and camera. See analytics of motion detection on recorded footage for those low traffic areas. Download, save and send video with ease.

Access control

Get the power of access control for your business, residential building, office building and more. Access control is built to control and record who is going in and out of the premise, limiting access to certain areas, enforcing time restrictions and monitoring all activity. 

Systems can be as simple as a one keypad reader system or a multitude of readers. You have full control!

  • Monitor and control access to your property
  • Notification Smart Devices
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Smartphone Integration

  • Alarm notifications
  • Sensor Fault
  • Power Loss
  • Entry/Exit Reporting
  • Door Alerts
  • Action Required Events

Home Automation

  • Alarm System Controls
  • Lighting
  • Security and Locks
  • Climate Control
  • Garage Doors
  • Video Door Bell
  • Pools

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A member of our team will reach out to you once the application has been completed to guide you through getting your new security or video surveillance system installed for you.