Access Control

Get the power of access control for your business, residential building, office building and more. Access control is built to control and record who is going in and out of the premise, limiting access to certain areas, enforcing time restrictions and monitoring all activity

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Access Control

Notification Smart Devices

24/7 Monitoring

Fully integrated Systems

Systems can be as simple as a one keypad reader system or a multitude of readers. You have full control over employee or resident access with the ability to add and delete users quickly. Have data profiles on each user and have the ability to monitor their activity

Your systems can be integrated or a stand alone system. We have options that suit your needs. Certain access control systems also have the ability of integrating into your alarm system for automatic arming and disarming as well as other features!

Access control comes in many different formats, we offer a variety of options, so you can choose the best for your business.

RFID cards and devices
(Radio Frequency Identification)

Utilized by many businesses and even apartment/condo complexes. The RFID devices available in cards, a small key chain or minimal fobs that can easily be tucked away in a wallet or cell phone case.

Numeric or scanning verification

Either using a 4 or more digit passcode or thumbprint verification, these systems eliminate the need of a separate device to gain access. It avoids the need to handle lost or stolen RFIDdevices

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